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Although paddlers visit the river between May and October, spring is arguably the best time to leave: crowds are rare and spring meltwater allows for a longer journey. Use Allagash Canoe Trips, a guide service founded in 1953 and operated by three successive generations of Cochranes. The entire journey lasts at least nine days and follows the narrow Allagash Stream, rich in trout; quiet and without motor, Lake Allagash; and finally, the river itself, steeped in history. Along the way, Class I and II canoeists run, see a 45-foot (14-meter) waterfall, and travel up nearby mountains to take in the views of Mount Katadin. But these are arguably the times when you`re least busy — gliding silently in the glassy water, watching a moose or eagle stand above a nest — when you fall into a peaceful trance that`s impossible nowhere but in this still wild land. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is Maine`s best-known canoe trip and has been attracting paddlers for over a century. Henry David Thoreau ventured into this area more than 150 years ago traveling from the West Penobscot watershed to the Allagash via Mud Pond Carry. The legendary Allagash is Maine`s only wild and scenic river. Choose 5, 6, 7 or 8 days: Our 8-day trip passes the entire traditional Allagash canoe route (93 miles) and includes paddling on the 3 large spring lakes of Chamberlain, Eagle and Churchill that end in the village of Allagash. Our 7-day (82-mile) journey begins with Indian Steam at the southern end of Eagle Lake and ends in the village of Allagash. Our 5- and 6-day tours (45 and 62 miles) skip the larger spring lakes of Chamberlain and Eagle Lake, which begin at Churchill Dam and end at Michaud Farms or Allagash Village. Our 5- and 6-day tours include the first night at Lake Churchill to have enough time to refresh basic paddling skills in preparation for the lively Chase Stream Rips the next morning.

We paddle through umsaskis and Long Lakes, winding sections of the river, Round Pond, Musquacook Deadwater and Portage around the picturesque 40-foot Allagash Falls. Our exit time on the last day is noon with arrival in your vehicles in the early afternoon. Note that in case of low tide or consecutive windy days resulting in a longer delay, trips planned for Allagash Village can opt for Michaud Farms. Seriously, I find it difficult to see how these regulations could achieve the stated objective. So a wooden canoe that was a bit wide for its length is illegal, but a colorful plastic canoe that is in the size specifications makes things “traditional”? Those who want to focus their energy on paddling – not planning – can hire a guide. Outfitters such as Allagash Canoe Trips and Canoe the Wild conduct excursions that last from four to nine days. Experienced canoeists who want to ride alone can rent equipment, park at their chosen point of arrival and take a ride to one of the many set-up locations. Illegal? In a perfect world, the OT Pack would disappear from our waterways because it is a terrible hull: overweight, soft, poorly equipped and poorly built. The original Bath Hauthaway was MUCH better and it wasn`t too good. That said, I`d rather it disappear because of the demanding paddlers, rather than a completely misguided, perhaps silly DNR.

Allagash canoe trips are popular with families, scouts, teens, summer camps, and adult and youth groups. With its easy-to-flow river sections and moderate whitewater on the chase stream rapids, the Allagash is well suited for children 12 years and older. It is one of the few eastern rivers that can be paddled for a week or more without coming into contact with modern civilization. It is too wide to be used legally on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. I only mentioned it because it happened last Wednesday. The restricted area is located under the Churchill Dam. My God, someone completes those other 700 miles and obscure regulations get in the way (in the name of tradition). The reasoning makes NO sense and the pack is actually a pretty decent boat for the Allagash.

Sparky!! It`s great that she did all the NFCT in a Sparky. After reading the endless articles on which canoe is the best and which kayak is superior to others, here is a paddler who gets on the boat she has and strives to do so.

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