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Ground+hand fireworks are legal in Jefferson County — like sparks and fountains — but anything that explodes or flies can`t explode. If you choose DIY, follow these guidelines and safety tips from the Zoneton Fire Protection District. The laws of the state of Indiana are similar to those of Kentucky, except that local ordinances can only limit the hours during which a person can light fireworks. Municipal laws take precedence over the laws of the state of Kentucky. For example, if your city has stricter rules against certain types of fireworks or deadlines for them to be lit, you should follow your city`s mandates. Buying or using fireworks that violate state or local laws can result in fines, violations, and even jail time in Kentucky. • You must be at least 18 years of age • You must not light fireworks within 200 feet of any home, vehicle, structure or other person • You must not use fireworks in a manner that violates local regulations, according to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks cause approximately 19,500 reported fires per year, and 28 per cent of them are reported on Independence Day. The safest way to light fireworks, Cooper said, is not. Honestly, most of them. All the fireworks that explode or fly are off the table in Jefferson County. Read more about Indiana: This is where people must finally stop lighting fireworks Fayette County has a stricter fireworks law than Kentucky state law.

Fayette County prohibits all fireworks that do not remain on the ground or in the hand during use. If it shoots in the air or explodes, it is illegal to have it in Fayette County. Municipal law only allows sparks, fountains, press nails, smoke balls, ground moths, pops, snakes and other fireworks on the ground or by hand. It is illegal to use Roman candles, helicopter fireworks, mortar fireworks, rockets, aerial planes and similar fireworks. But before you go out to party with a full fireworks display, it`s important to remember that fireworks are basically gunpowder and a lot of fire. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you`re determined to host your own celebration. Finally, once your fireworks show is over, don`t just throw your fireworks in the trash. The remaining fireworks may still be hot enough to set fire to the garbage. Instead, pour water over your fireworks, wrap them in plastic, and put them in the trash. It is legal for sellers to sell fireworks that meet the definitions of KRS 227,702 in the state of Kentucky. These are mainstream fireworks that can be available in a variety.

Manufacturers design consumer fireworks for the public. They must comply with the regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States. To legally purchase and use one of these fireworks in Kentucky, you must follow some basic laws. If you were injured by fireworks during this fourth of July celebration or at any other time of the year, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries and damages. To arrange a free initial consultation and case assessment, contact our office today. The most common type of fireworks injury is thermal combustion through contact with flames, sparks or another heat source. Children are particularly susceptible to burns due to a lack of safety awareness. Many parents underestimate the dangers of fireworks; Some vendors even market portable and consumer fireworks as safe for children. Adults should always be responsible for fireworks activities. Have a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher handy in case of breakdown. Use fireworks only within the limits of Kentucky state and local laws.

But if you feel like putting on your own show, Cooper has some important tips to make sure you make it safe and not join the thousands of people who get injured with fireworks every year. You can`t buy fireworks in Louisville unless it`s one of the few exceptions listed earlier. Any frequent traveler can tell you that once you cross Indiana or Tennessee, finding and buying a whole bunch of fireworks is pretty easy. It is also legal to transport these fireworks throughout the Louisville metropolitan area, according to the Ordinance Code. According to WTVQ News, many people on Independence Day were obviously unaware of Lexington`s ban on most fireworks. Lexington police responded to 186 fireworks-related calls in a single week. Many of these calls concerned banned fireworks such as fireworks and bottle rockets. In Fayette County, the only people legally allowed to use these fireworks are professionals with the appropriate permits. Local police issued dozens of quotes on and around the fourth for people who violated the county`s fireworks regulations. That being said, some smaller types of ground-based fireworks are legal for individual use without permission. Snakes/fireflies, smoking appliances, metal sparks, cylindrical or conical fountains, wheels and ground moths are all allowed as long as you are at least 200 feet from any structure.

The rules in the rest of Kentucky are less restrictive than in Jefferson County. The same goes for Indiana. Basically, any type of fireworks is legal under Kentucky law. The only restrictions: You must be 18 years old to buy or light fireworks, and you must not light fireworks within 200 feet of a house, vehicle, structure or other person. Did you know that larger fireworks explode at more than 800 feet in diameter, about twice as high as PNC Plaza? Pretty amazing – until they trigger on your lawn. Fortunately, there are rules for you to safely contribute to the show. Cooper also warns people not to buy fireworks from reputable dealers and to follow all the manufacturer`s instructions, which means you`re not trying to modify fireworks in any way. He said you shouldn`t turn on multiple fireworks at once, and if your fireworks don`t work, don`t try to turn them on or manipulate them again.

It`s also not a good idea to light fireworks in glass or metal containers, as the fragments can hurt you in case the container explodes. Cooper said it`s difficult to monitor and restrict fireworks crossing the bridge from Indiana, but he urged people to use them responsibly because fireworks can be dangerous and are limited for a reason. If you`ve spent another quarter of July wondering about the legality of the fireworks your neighbors have been lighting all night, definitely settle the matter with a review of Kentucky`s fireworks laws. Kentucky does not have a national ban on fireworks. However, it has some safety rules for people who want to participate during the holidays.

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