Is Vladimir Putin the New Russia’s Hitler?

The world is in a state of uncertainty. Ukraine and Russia are on the brink of nuclear war, and it might not be too far off in the future. It is frightening to think about what would happen if World War 3 were to break out, but we need to be prepared for this possibility.

The Russian president and his actions are not new. Putin is a threat to the world order and he is responsible for many of the problems in the world today.

In this article, we will explore how Hitler and Putin are similar and what their role could be in World War 3.

Putin has been in power for 18 years and he is one of the most powerful leaders in the world. The Russian president has been accused of being a dictator by his opponents, with some even comparing him to Hitler.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is often compared to Hitler. But who is the real Adolf Hitler?

The man who would become the most infamous dictator of the 20th century was born in 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau am Inn, near Germany. His father was a customs official and his mother worked as a maid.

It is undeniable that Vladimir Putin’s rise to power bears significant resemblance to that of Adolf Hitler. There are many similarities between Putin and Hitler. Both were leaders of their respective countries and both were dictators that had control over their people. They also both committed crimes against humanity and they both had the military power to back them up.

Is Vladimir Putin the New Russia’s Hitler?
People attend a pro-Ukraine protest rally against Russian President Putin in Berlin, Germany, March 13, 2022 (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Putin and Hitler are very similar. They both have a thirst for power and are willing to use any means necessary to achieve their goals. They both used propaganda to gain support from the people, they both invaded other countries, they both killed millions of people, they both wanted an empire of their own.

It is for this reason, now that it is evident that Putin has become Russia’s Hitler, that the question the World must now ask is whether Putin will continue with a Hitlerite exercise of power to consolidate and expand Mother Russia’s influence in the world.

An insight into similarities between Putin and Hitler

– Both want power

– Both use propaganda

– Both invaded other countries

– Both killed millions of people

– Wanted an empire

A demonstrator holds a sign depicting the Russian president as Adolf Hitler and reading ‘Stop Putin’ during a protest against Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, in Barcelona on February 26, 2022. (Josep LAGO / AFP)

While it is true that history never repeats itself exactly, it is also true that lessons from history must never be ignored.

Hitler and Putin have many similarities. They both had a cult of personality, they both used propaganda to control the masses, and they both started wars to expand their country’s power. The most notable similarity is that they both wanted to create a “greater” country by taking over other countries.

Hitler was a dictator and Putin is one too. Hitler was a Nazi and Putin is a Russian nationalist. Hitler wanted to create an empire out of Europe, while Putin wants to create an empire out of Russia.

Hitler and Putin have some similarities that have led many people to believe that they are the same person. They both want to lead their country with an iron fist, they are both nationalists, and they both want to expand their territory.

Hitler and Putin : What their role could be in World War III 

The body of a soldier next to a destroyed Russian tank in Kharkiv, February 25. (Vadim Ghirda/AP/SIPA)

World War III is a hypothetical global military conflict from the 1980s. It was an idea of the Soviet Union and their allies, who saw the US as their main enemy. The idea was that in World War III, there would be a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and its allies against NATO (the US and its allies).

The idea of World War III became popular in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan took office as president of the United States. This was because Reagan’s administration increased military spending to make sure that they were ready for this scenario.

World War III is a hypothetical war between the world’s three largest economies, the United States, China, and Russia. It is often speculated that such a war would be devastating to all three countries involved.

The speculation of World War III typically focuses on two main countries: Russia and China. The U.S. is not usually included because it has been at peace with both Russia and China for decades (Russia since World War 2) and has no territorial disputes with either country.

The Third World War is a hypothetical war between the United States, Russia, and China. The theory was first proposed by political scientist John J. Mearsheimer and nuclear strategist Albert Wohlstetter in their book “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics”.

The theory has been a topic of discussion among scholars, journalists, and international relations professionals.

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