Logan Paul Launches Original NFT Platform

A long-time fan of the potential of NFTs, the famous Youtuber Logan Paul has just launched a new kind of NFT platform. This one should allow users to buy fractions of digital work. The goal? Democratize access to rare pieces to the most significant number!

A fractional NFT platform

The idea behind this project is both elementary and very ingenious: to offer for sale and purchase fragments of NFT. Faced with soaring prices and the explosion of the market, the Liquid Marketplace initiative aims above all to allow fans and collectors to reclaim a part of the market.

A market nowadays led by a speculative crowd on the most bankable projects. As the main interested party points out:

‘By splitting up expensive assets, we have made it possible for ANYONE to own ANYTHING.

The platform set up by the Youtuber and his team should allow collectors to access short pieces without paying the total price. Each buyer can thus become a co-owner of an asset by using the Liquid Marketplace.

And the platform is full of scarce items. Collectors can find a Pikachu Illustrator PS8, estimated at over $1.1 million. Also on Liquid Marketplace is Logan Paul’s first edition Pokémon box for over $375,000. The CryptoPunk collection is not left out either with #6837. A coin estimated today at over $250,000.

Focus on how Liquid Marketplace works

The exchange platform makes great efforts to ensure the coins’ authenticity. The collectibles are appraised by the Liquid Marketplace team, which results in an estimate of the market price. The platform then stores the items in a secure physical vault. The tokens are then listed for $0.10 on the forum.

Thus, the rarer the coin, the more fragments it will be divided. Collectors can then purchase pieces on a first-come, first-served basis. By buying, they become partial owners of the object.

When all the fragments of a piece are sold, the NFTs are available on the secondary market via the marketplace. The price then adjusts in real-time according to supply and demand.

Logan Paul and NFTs: a real love story!

The Youtuber has never hidden his love for non-fungible tokens. He is the head of an impressive collection. Last January, the Youtuber revealed, for example, to be the owner of 42 NFT of the group “World of Women.”

NFT that he had bought for a unit price of 2 ETH; during a podcast, the influencer said he had already sold a piece of this collection on the platform Opensea. For the astronomical amount of 765 000 dollars (200 ETH at the time of sale).

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