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Obama`s presidency, like his campaign, shows how meticulous an African-American must be — perhaps more than a white liberal — when he appears before a national audience as a special plea for the interests and needs of minorities. A person whose job is to draw memoirs. Previously, when pleading was a highly technical and difficult art at common law, there was a class of men known as “special non-bar litigants” who occupied a position between lawyers and lawyers. The class is now almost extinct, find that the term “litigants” is generally applied in England to young members of the common law bar. Sweet. She was a growling lover, she was a supplicant – moaning, changeable, her cries not quite muffled by the creaking bed. “If it is the nephew of an old colleague, one of the lights of the great Council of State who made the trip to the France, health on the cheek and hope in the heart; Who can resist such an eloquent plea? Anything you agree with will have the advantage of not coming from someone who may be suspected of being a special leader. She listens to how women always listen when advocacy speaks for itself. Particularly anxious to have an eloquent plea, he takes some of his relatives to the house of the young woman. I am glad to hear about it; A good profession, sir; constant variety and excitement – for the litigant, i.e., “(Mr. Shelford shared the layman`s impression that the plea was a form of impassioned appeal to judges and jurors)”, and of course, you would argue in court.

As president of the jury, however, I doubt he would have achieved much success. The second officer, however, had meanwhile raised the matter with the captain and had given his own construction; The request was therefore severely and hastily refused, the rejection being accompanied by the assertion that the Pleader was a wicked, creeping and mutinous scoundrel who was not worth his salt. Our best supplications for the slave held our breath for fear of interrupting him. Make the false chief pay for his crime, I say, to the end. He gave the following example of the kind of things that happen: a man comes to the “litigant” or the law firm for a consultation. David Remnick`s “The Bridge” delves deep into Barack Obama`s presidency (New York Review). – William Shakespeare, “The Tragedy of Coriolanus”. IN PLEA. The formal recording of the defendant`s defence in the minutes. In a popular sense, it means the argument in a thing, but it is not used that way by the profession.

Steph. Pl. Appx. Note I; History, eq. Pl. § 5, note v. 1) in civil actions and petitions, the presentation of documents (pleadings), including complaints, petitions, statements, motions and memoranda of points and authorities. (2) in criminal law, the recording of a plea by a defendant in response to any charge of criminal conduct.

(See: advocacy, writings). Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary.

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