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Your complaint is not clear to me. The certificate of invalidity can be used in court, depending on the relationship between the prayer clause and the certificate. If the certificate of invalidity was issued when the applicant has not fulfilled the condition precedent, his appointment may be challenged in the High Court, which may declare it unlawful. The legal objective ensures that insurance companies do not insure criminal activity. Without them, the crime rate could increase due to the lower financial risk. A contract is a legally binding exchange of promises or an agreement between the parties that is legally enforceable. In contract law, the legal object is the requirement that the object or reason of the contract be lawful. I cannot comment on what the courts have done in other cases. In any event, it is for the court to decide whether the prayer clause can be accepted and accepted in the light of the pleadings. You asked what the legal meaning of a disability card was, so I answered. There must be a legal reason and purpose for the performance of the contract; For example, the policyholder must have an insurable interest in the insured.

First of all, you must exhaust the remedies of his higher authority in this regard, and after that, only you can approach this issue legally. Within the limit of the quota for physically handicapped persons, this person may request a relaxation of the qualifications to which any other candidate is subject. The “non-medical” scribble does not change the legal nature of the certificate. CMO write this person 100% visually stimulating so why not for medical legal cases. Medico legal certificate issued after all physical examinations and this disabled certificate is issued after all eye tests then what confuses in mind CMO it writes not for legal purposes medico mediaco legal purpose does not mean used in any dispute. No for medico-legal purposes means that the document cannot be read as evidence in court. This does not prevent a person from using it for any purpose. In order to join the government position, the ministry issues a pro forma of eligibility in the Ph category at the time of joining. The certificate issued by the CMO on this pro forma is accepted by the department. medico Legal and Medical Certificate is different. Medical certificates issued for other purposes shall be considered admissible evidence or documentary evidence if the medico certificates are intended exclusively for medico-legal purposes. An agreement is lawful and enforceable only if it is in accordance with the law of the land and public order.

The essential element of a contract law agreement. Any agreement is not legally binding if it is intended for illegal purposes. On the top of a disability certificate is handwritten by the CMO – not for medico-legal purposes. Please guide me that this disability certificate is valid for government jobs obtained in India? The legal objective is an insurance principle that insurance contracts that insure something illegal or contain illegal conditions are not valid. For example, liability insurance would not be valid for a bank robbery business. None of the claims filed would be legally enforceable. If the CMO issues a legal medical certificate, he fears being unnecessarily subpoenaed and tortured to gather evidence in court, so he may have avoided doing so. However, this can be used as documentary evidence in court to prove the case. No for medico-legal purposes means that this certificate is not issued as proof of documents for medico-legal cases, but as a joint certificate for general purposes.

If the person has been 100% visually impaired, then what is a disability certificate that is not admissible for medico-legal purposes or cannot be considered as evidence in any court case? The certificate is not for medico-legal purposes. It was issued for all general purposes, so this certificate can be used as documentary evidence in court. Medico-legal remedies if they are issued for legal purposes only and cannot be used for general purposes. But various court cases judge justice does not give any advantage as such a type of certificate, when this type of judgment “does not exist for medico-legal purposes” or for non-legal purposes. Medical Council of India, New Delhi, which governs all Indian public hospitals, give the Act of 2002 where point 7.7 states that any medical certificate or type of certificate issued by doctors may be used for judicial or administrative purposes if it is not possible that the medical or other certificates are false, Misleading. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. You can use this current certificate at the time of application for any government entity. There is no bar. Yes, this document/certificate is valid for each JOB until the department requires another certificate. I want to use the Cowaranto case against him. He is a first-class officer. Please suggest to me, I am right or wrong.

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