What happens to your health when you eat cloves?

Cloves are popular Indian spices used in the kitchen, and apart from adding a rich flavor and aroma to dishes, it is known for their wonderful health benefits. 

Cloves are the dried flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae. They are harvested mainly in Indonesia, India, Madagascar, and Zanzibar, and are used as a spice in many cuisines.

Moreover, men use it regularly to increase the strength of the male hormone and enhance the movement of sperm, according to “medical news today” and “healthcare”.

Cloves have been used for centuries as a traditional medicine to treat toothache and bad breath. Research suggests that clove oil has antibacterial properties that can help fight infections when applied topically.

Improving sexual ability

Clove is a warm and sweet spice that increases blood flow and increases the temperature body, thereby increasing energy and nervous stimulation by relieving stress and anxiety, and improving the sexual ability of men, especially when using the essential oil extracted from it 

Eliminates bad breath

Nobody likes bad breath, it’s unpleasant and embarrassing, just chewing on a clove.

A dry mouth will instantly freshen your breath It contains antibacterial properties that are effective against plaque and gingivitis. Research shows that the mouthwash it contains reduces harmful bacteria and improves gum health.

Cloves have many uses in the kitchen, but they also have some medicinal purposes. It is not uncommon for people to use them for toothaches and other dental problems. They are also used as a natural mouthwash.

Respiratory health

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Clove acts as an expectorant and relieves it in the throat so that you can cough clove oil is especially effective in treating bronchitis, asthma and other problems

Get rid of smoking

Are you having difficulty trying to quit cigarettes? Chew a clove whenever you feel the urge in it, it will distract the brain and reduce your desire to smoke cigarettes

Improve liver function

Cloves are not just a spice, they can also be used to promote better health and better liver function, some trials have shown that eugenol can help reduce the signs of cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

Reduce inflammation

Cloves can be used to relieve pain from headaches and arthritis. They can also be used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, which is why they are often included in first aid kits.

Reduce stomach ulcers

Cloves can help protect your stomach from ulcers, and most ulcers are caused by thinning the layers of mucus that protect the stomach lining, preliminary studies show that it can thicken this mucus, reduces the risk of infection, and helps the ulcer to heal

Cloves contain phenolic compounds like eugenol which may provide protection against heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. The essential oils found in cloves offer additional health benefits like relieving pain from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

Cloves are often used to flavor hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They are also used in pickling recipes for meat and vegetables.

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